David W Moon


If you have a passion for painting and drawing but do not have the confidence to pick up a brush or pencil, then I will gladly teach you some basic elements such as composition, colour relationships, tone and shape. I teach one to one or in groups of upto 5 people in my small studio in Bromley, Kent. Materials can be provided or you can bring your own if you wish.

The aim of the class is to encourage you to take the action and put something on the paper, to build your confidence and enthusiasm. Anyone can create art, no matter what your age or level of ability.

The cost of a lesson is £25 and the duration is one hour. If you book 5 lessons in advance, I will only charge you for 4.

If you are interested in tuition, then send me an initial message through my contact page telling me a little about your needs, and we can take it from there.

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